Vision AND POlicy

I envision:

An MCPS where ALL of our children are prepared for the upcoming "Fourth Industrial Revolution"

An MCPS that is a model of innovative education and operational practices

An MCPS that works for everyone

Accountability ANd Transparency

  1. Transparent, clear communication of the Board of Education’s intent and decision making rationale

  2. MCPS fiscal accountability

  3. Data Transparency - Make data easier to access.

Future-Ready Education

Technological advances are rapidly reshaping our society. The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), autonomous systems, and Internet of Things (IoT) are rendering many professions obsolete. We must prepare our kids to face these challenges and capitalize on new opportunities.

Interdisciplinary approach to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math)

  1. Invest in an interdisciplinary approach to teaching STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). These disciplines are interwoven. They should be taught as such.

    • Emphasize science and data literacy

Career paths and skills of tomorrow

Small Business/Entrepreneurial Training

      • Encourage and equip our kids to be entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow.

      • Tailored business classes (such as those at Sherwood High School) for immigrant communities, particularly students whose family is considered low income and/or are immigrants.

        • Many immigrant families are small business owners.

          • Helpful to immigrant families as the kids are often the only ones in the family who is proficient in English.

        • “How do I start a small business” courses.

        • Courses and training on regulatory requirements for various industries.

Achievement Gap/Opportunity Gap

My experience with the opportunity gap and discrimination as a child opened my eyes to the lasting impact of institutional racism and segregation on people of color, particularly African Americans.

In addition to the “asks” from Black and Brown Coalition for Educational Equity and Excellence on closing the achievement gap, I propose

  1. Compensatory funding for high-need schools.

  2. Rigorous audits to ensure resources are utilized effectively and judiciously.

    • Re-assess the student cohort at 3 year interval to determine the efficacy of various strategies for closing the achievement gap

  3. Teacher Autonomy and Support

    • Listen to our teachers

    • Pay our teachers

    • Support our teachers

  4. Expand Early Childhood Education for high-need communities

Community Schools

All kids are capable of academic excellence. To unlock their potential, it takes a village.

Convergent Point and Service Hub

    1. The school serves as the local convergent point between family, community, and the students.

    2. The school doubles as both the meeting place and service center with wrap around services for vulnerable families.

      • Parent Community Coordinator can serve as an interface between families, service providers, and the school.

    3. Facilitate the formation of support networks for families.

      • This is especially true for immigrant families

        • immigrant families of all origin face cultural, language and institutional barriers in MCPS. A community-based support network can lessen these barriers.

Genuine Family and Community Engagement

    1. We need to renew our committee to family and community engagement.

    2. We also need to revamp how family engagement is done. Montgomery County is becoming increasingly diverse.

      • Many MCPS families are immigrants. We need to adjust our family engagement strategies and better serve these communities.

      • We need to explore other methods and tools, such as social media.

Build Relationship and Trust

Innovative Education Methods

Proactively seek bold, creative methods in instruction and program delivery

We should proactively evaluate and implement:

  1. Explore innovative infrastructure utilization

        • Shared use of facility (i.e. classrooms) with Montgomery College and other public facility

  2. Converting outdated infrastructure in our schools into multi-use space.

  3. Central placement and consolidation of certain training courses to regional hubs.

        • Leverage economy of scale and streamlined operation.